2015-7-29 Hong Kong Rehabilitation Power Flag Day

Thoughts and Comments of Participating Families

Family of Jennifer Tang Hiu Kei (PN)

This is the second time Jennifer vounteered to join the Flag Day. She is very excited and willing to speak to the strangers actively and politely. She keeps saying “Thank You” with a big smile all day. Jennifer is very happy and looks forward to the next Flag Day.

Melanie Au (2009 Graduate)

I think that is was fun to sell flags to people, especially with my siblings. Helping others is a good thing as well. If I could have another chance, I would love to help.

Family of Li Hei Yin Hugo (K1)

Every time Hugo sells a flag, he feels as if the people he helped said “Thank You” to him. That’s why he had spent a long time counting the “Thank Yous”