2015-12-5 Hong Kong Girl Guides Association

Thoughts and Comments of Participating Families

Family of Tse Cheuk Yui Austin (K1)

As a Happy Bee Member, it’s our pleasure to join “The Hong Kong Girl Guides Association” Flag Day. Participating the flag selling activity allows Austin to learn how to interact with strangers with manners. It also enables him to understand flag selling is one of the fund-raising activities which helps the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association in offering more challenging programme to support each individual to reach their full potential.

Family of Ho Sze Dik Stitch (K1)

It’s the first time Stitch volunteered for flag selling. Surprisingly, he is more enthusiastic about the event than expected. Even though there was a bit rain and the wind was quite strong, his enthusiasm was still unaffected. Every time he saw people passing by, he would jump in front of them cheerfully and say, “Please help me buy a flag!” and “Thank you!” Seeing his high spirits, it also encouraged me to work hard in selling the flags and do something meaningful together!

Family of Wong Ching Hei Marcus (K1)

We have never participated in flag-selling activities before. Through this charitable activity, we hope that Marcus can learn the happiness of helping others. During the activity, lots of people took initiative to buy flags and chat with us. Marcus was quite happy about it and was encouraged to speak more and say, “Thank you!”

Family of Wong Tsz Hei Ohanna(K2)

It is the second year that Ohanna joined the flag-selling activity. I remember last year when it was her first time holding the flag pockets, she was so small, yet she still cheered excitedly for the passers by to buy flags. It was a really touching scene. I didn’t think she would put so much effort in the activity and could be so brave. There was one moment that a policeman and a man from a distance came to buy flags because of her loud voice. This year she is more grown up now and understands more about the purpose of the event. I hope she can continue on to help others with her genuine heart.

Family of Coulson and Curt Chan (K2)

Our family of four took part in the event together. Although we sometimes got ignored or declined by people, our children still kept their smiles on their faces and didn’t show any sign of shyness. Because they know they are helping people. We are really proud of our kids in their efforts in offering their genuine care to warm the society.

Family of Ally and Emma Yeung (K3, PN)

Uniting the whole family, demonstrating by example, passing on tradition, spreading good values to society.