Music is a very important aspect at RMKG.

Music notes resonates in our body to give use sensations and is capable of changing our mood and temperaments.  Music is a therapy to our health and internal organs.  Music is a right brain catalyst and helps us remember movements or words in ways we otherwise cannot.

At RMKG, we have gathered a team of teachers who graduated from conservatory of music from the Mainland and also from all over the world so your child will learn from true professionals.  We also engage professional consultants from the music industry and Orchestras from all over the world to give your children exposure so they aspire to become one of them.

At RMKG, our students fly past the nursery ryhme and go happily to golden classics singing Carpenters, Jazz, Beatles, Elvis and Cantonese and Putonghua pop songs that have meaningful lyrics.  Since our students are early literate, the sky is the limit to what they can sing (we just adjust the key#).  

For the cause of music, student of RMKG has since 2009 travelled as musicians with their parents to the following places, cities and/or institutes:

– Shanghai Conservatory of Music

– Beijing Conservatory of Music

– Brahms Consrevratory of Music, Vienna

– Oxford School of Music, UK

– Finland

-Vietnam (Royal Carribean Cruise Line)

-Okinawa (Royal Carribean Cruise Line)