The School Supervisor

Mrs. Betty Ho, mother of three sons, graduated from a management school in Switzerland and went on to pursue an education career in 1997.  She has attended right brain training courses delivered by renowned specialists in the Mainland, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, Singapore and U.S. She founded KinderU and acted as school supervisor of Rightmind Kindergarten and International Nursery since 1997.

Message from the School Supervisor

Rightmind Kindergarten offers a unique program in Hong Kong, offering guidance from prenatal education till all the way to the end of pre-school when a child reaches around six years old.  Our curriculum is based on sound neurological research and we designed our curriculum so that students learn the right amount at just the right time in a fun and happy way.

We believe that good virtues are the foundation of all future success.  This is a concept that is generally accepted by all regardless of belief and nationality.  Our school has firm experience on prenatal education accumulated since 2004 and we believe that if possible, all children should be taught from birth.  Our motto is “Never too young to Start Learning” and parents and teachers should all be equipped with the knowledge of what, when, why, and how to teach a child and grow and learn new things together.

We are not around just to teach our students, we empower parents as well so they mature and grow in their role as parents.  We take pride in becoming a “Parents’ School”.

Rightmind Kindergarten embraces the teachings of “Dizigui”, a piece of Chinese classical text that laid down the rules of being a good child and also act as a curriculum for parents and teachers on what ethics to teach a child between 0-12 years old.  We make it mandatory for all of our staff to be familiar with its contents and try their best at all times to set an example for our students.  

We believe that Rightmind parents and the school share the same mission and goals.  It is only through cooperation between school and parents that we are able to “Teach them well and let them lead.”

Our graduates have advanced literacy in languages and music and have been taught to be respectful to their parents, love their siblings, be careful in what they do and be trustworthy.  They are reminded to have compassion in their heart and identify good peers.  With these attributes, we are confident that they will be welcomed by friends and teachers from both Eastern and Western cultures.

My team at Rightmind works hard to avoid complacency in our teaching and curriculum. We conduct regular reviews to ensure that we are on the right track towards providing children with the very best in preschool education.

We thank you for your confidence in Rightmind and look forward to working with you in nurturing your children to become responsible citizens.

Betty Ho
School Supervisor